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What is Managerial Economics?

Managerial Economics generally refers to the integration of economic theory with business practice.  While economics provides the tools which explain various concepts such as Demand, Supply, Price, Competition etc.  Managerial Economics applies these tools to the management of business.  Managerial Economics is also understood to refer to business economics or applied economics… For More Click Here

Standard Costing and Variance Analysis :

Learn important questions regarding Standard Costing and Variance Analysis or small chapters and answers which will cover detailed explanation of Standard Costing and Variance Analysis. Standard costs are realistic estimates of costs based on analyses of both past and projected operating costs and conditions. They provide a standard, or predetermined, performance level for use in standard costing For more Click Here

Management of Current Assets :

The management of current assets involves short-term decisions about their amounts, control, and means of financing. Article will cover about Cash In Held, Lock-box system Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) , Automated clearing houses (ACHs), Drafts , medium of exchange and compensating balance with a bank frees most of the balance as a contingency fund… For More Click Here

Business Cycle and various phases of business cycle :

The term “trade cycle” in economies refers to the wave-like fluctuations in the aggregate economic activity. Particularly in employment, output and income. In other words, trade cycles are ups and downs in economic activity. A trade cycle is defined in various ways by different economists. Also We discussed Different Phases of Business Cycle For More Click Here

Explanation of The Law of Demand

In this article we will show what is The Law of Demand. In other works the demand for a commodity expands as the price falls and contracts as the price rises. Or briefly stated, the law of demand emphasizes that other things remaining unchanged, demand varies inversely with price For more Click Here